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How to earn money online?

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How to earn money online?



Hi Friend, 

Let me introduce myself first. 

I'm Jitendra Sachdeva, 62 years old, worked as a Marketing professional for the last 36 years. 

In the last few years after retirement, I started surfing online just for fun and to find out how to earn funds online. And I succeeded in earning money online. 

During my journey of searching and working, I found that someone may try to mislead or redirect you to pages with attractive offers and instant money-making schemes. 

Avoid them. 

To give the exact information to beginners (by working personally) about the ways to earn money online I created this site FUN FUNDS the MASTPAISA.

Fun Funds suggest the legit ways to gain Funds with Fun.

If you are looking for instant cash, I'm sorry to say you are not on the right site, you should look for so-called gurus who claim huge earnings in a day or in a week-- Hahaha.

What to do?

1 Makeup your mind
2 Learn step-by-step ways to earn money online 
3 Act accordingly

Reliable Information


Let's first understand the basic concept of online money. 

Why can we earn money online? 

The basic funda is business, whatsoever business, whether it's online or physical, the involvement of money is a must, you can also say it is the online industry.

In this online industry, everything is on the web.

Hence website owners, hosting sites, domain providers, creators, developers, merchants, traders, advertisers, publishers everyone has a chance to earn money online.

In every industry mainly two types of people are involved. 

The first one is an entrepreneur, who invests money, time & effort. 

Mac Tools India Product

Another one is the staff or workers. 

Now It's up to you what you want to be.


I will differentiate it in brief into two categories

1 Job

As the name indicates these are the jobs or the work you have to do to earn with the liberty of time( not like 9 to 5 office jobs) and you can do it from the comfort of your home remotely. 

You don't need to invest money or do expenses to work, You have to just give your time and you are been paid for your work. 

This you can do as a part-time too.

2 Business

Business is where you have to invest time, effort and money keeping patience to achieve success. 

Although to build your online establishment doesn't require more money as compared to developing an industry or a project.

 To further elaborate the following are the ways to earn money online

We’ll get you to your goals. Online courses from $13.99.
1 Job

a) Freelancing

This category contains a wide variety of works for designers(products, t-shirts, Web...), writers, virtual assistants, accountants, artists, editors, marketers, gamers and so on.

b) Survey

You are been paid for answering a few questions on completion of a survey, this is the easiest way to earn online.

c) PTC:

Many PTC sites are paying to click advertisements or browse a site since the advertiser wants to display their websites. 

You can convert it into business with a little bit of investment on these sites or by making your own site.

d)  Online Tutors

Tuition on any subjects including languages, science, maths, dance, yoga... 

e) Transcription

It's a professional steno typist job who is good at listening(recorded or live audio files) & can convert text with perfect grammar, punctuation & spelling in the given time.

f) Virtual assistant

It's a job like a personal secretary in an office, here you assist the person or a company who hires you to assist in an administrative job from a remote location that is your home.  

You can find many other ways to work online depending on your qualifications & skills. 

I will be adding here from time to time the various other ways to earn money online.

2 Business

I have named this a business since it requires more patience, regular efforts and a little bit of investment or expenses. 

Although you can start a few things without investment too.

a) Blogging
b) Vlogging
c) Marketing
d) Trading
e) Creating your own Apps, Websites, Social Media sites, Online Store and much more.
f) Making your own tools: Many tools are required for running a website, analysing purposes and so on.
g) Creating online courses
h) Online services providers by establishing yourself in this online industry... 

R Creatives

Sum Up

There are lots of online income sources and I suggest mixing a few online income sources for regular and passive income.

For example, you start blogging and then mix it with marketing for certain products on your blog pages.

I have written on almost every online income source on separate pages on this site so that you can understand it properly before implementing it and you can start earning money online. 



Clixsense (now Ysense) is the best survey site to earn online for freshers
Clixsense is The best Survey site
Start earning by doing a survey to motivate yourself to be online

Earn online by watching ads on Neobux the king of PTC sites
Enjoy & Learn by watching adv, doing surveys, 
playing games & start to earning

Blogging is one of the best way to earn online, know everything about Blogging
Everything about Blogging
Learn more about Blogging & what is required to make a perfect blog.
5 proven ways to make a living travelling world
how to earn money online by making a travel blog

How to Monetize a Blog  
Monetize your Blog to earn online, know the ways to monetize
Earning is equally important
along with satisfaction
know how to earn money online from a blog.

Life is boring if you don't earn enjoyment along with earning online
Ways to earn enjoyment
Life is boring without pleasure,
make enjoyment along with money.

How to make money with 
Affiliate marketiing is the main source to earn online, know how to earn by affiliate marketing & tools required for affiliate marketing
affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing tools
to generate leads.

7 affiliate email marketing tips 
to launch a successful campaign

Know how to Increase the traffic to a blog by content, on page SEO, of page SEO to earn online
How to generate traffic to the blog to increase revenue 
How to generate traffic by using analytics to optimize the sales funnel
What is a sales funnel & its uses?
Outbound v/s inbound marketing find to gain sales
18 cool landing pages-- 
know what is landing page & its uses

10 ebooks about SEO to generate traffic in turn earn online

10 ebooks about SEO

What is mobile-first indexing
& how does it affect SEO


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Know how to develop your online store to earn online

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Know everything about trading & how to trade & earn online
Know everything about Trading
How to earn by domain  
Amazon: The Income Hub            

I personally hate pop-ups to get your subscription 
but I will be glad to communicate with you.

Please keep in touch 

Financial Advisor




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      Yes I had checked thanks for providing some new information

  2. Thanks for sharing all of these resources. I know they will be very helpful to those working from home. Great options!

  3. I love the job I have now, but when I retire, I might look into some of these. It’s good to know about many of the opportunities. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Enjoy Life Enjoy Work, thanks for your visit & nice comments

  4. Some flexible options to make money. Even as a side job, some of these can bring a little extra income. Thanks for the info.

    1. Yes you are right few of them can bring extra income that too not giving a single penny & not much time, can also increase income by referrals
      Thanks for your visit & nice comments

  5. Lots of opportunities out there! Thanks for sharing.

  6. I admire this article about Earn Money Online, because of its well-researched content and excellent text. I got involved with this material so I couldn't stop reading it. I am impressed by your talents and your work. Thanks so much.

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    By the way, want to know how I learned of this site? I saw it in a GIF that came up when I searched for "earn money" GIFs! Cool!

    1. Thanks a lot and I'm obliged.

      I'm also astonished that you searched Fun Funds on Gipphy. I made a few GIFs just for fun.


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