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Ysense is the best startup for beginners

Making money online for a beginner is like water in a desert, with lots of high claims from the so-called Gurus a fresher is bound to be confused. 

I'm working online for almost the last 4 years & realized that I should show the real picture of online work. 

I came to know that I can earn money online by just answering the questions. The first question that came to my mind was why they are paying? 

To get this answer I searched  and come to know the following

What is a Survey?

The survey is essential for the research done by individuals or organisations for knowing the views, and behaviour of the maximum number of the public or targeted population.

Surveys are also been done by the political parties as well as news channels to get opinion polls. 

Why surveys are important in research?

The surveys are important to get feedback from the targeted population.

It's also important for planning strategies for marketing and promotion.

It's important to understand the purchasing behaviour of individuals.

Types of Surveys

A survey can be conducted online, or on paper, and it can be telephonic or through personal interviews. But online surveys are more popular and get more accurate results especially when it's conducted by paying you money for giving proper answers to the best of your knowledge.

Methods of surveys

Mainly it's three methods of surveys which are been conducted

1 Investigating surveys

It's best for marketing research to grow business by planning strategies to launch a product or brand or for making changes in existing products such as a change in logo or product banner...

2 Statistical surveys

It's to obtain the numbers in bulk from a large population. It has predefined questions to know the opinion.

3 Casual surveys

It's to understand the effects of behaviour on different variables. It's to draw a conclusion from the results obtained by investigating and statistical surveys.

After knowing the importance of a survey I joined almost all top paid survey sites found by a search on search engines. 

Till now I'm not able to withdraw money from any site due to not getting more surveys, as a result, fewer earnings to achieve minimum payout except YSENSE

Ysense is the best-paid survey site and the best startup for beginners to earn money online and also to motivate themselves for putting continuous efforts to succeed in earning online.

I don't claim that you will be able to earn big money from YSENSE initially but I assure you that you can earn extra money online provided you work in it following the following tips 

1 Sign in daily multiple times 

2 Complete your profile survey( genuine)

3  Reply to the surveys honestly 

4  Take time to read carefully all questions before answering, don't rush

5  Add referrals who really want to work because referrals earn multiply your earnings. You can earn up to 30% of your referral earnings.

6 Do the cash offers in the offered segment in which you will find many offers like signing up for some sites, downloading apps, watching videos, and completing surveys from other routers. 

Gaming online is increasing among youths hence Ysense offers. 

For example, Playing live roulette with 888 casinos where you can earn $80. 

You can also try Mafia City by installing the app and reaching mansion level 25 within 30 days to earn your $30 reward. 

Please read the instructions and terms and conditions properly before starting the gaming.

You can also earn $3.2 by purchasing a domain from Godaddy. 

Similarly, you will be offered numerous other offers daily.  

7 Download the Addon extension on your browser(Chrome, Firefox) which will not only show you the number of surveys and tasks available at that time but also get an extra bonus.
Bluebella Gifts 

8 You can also earn the extra bonus for the day by completing 10 tasks or 2 surveys or 2 offers in 24 hours. I have earned $27 as an extra bonus.

Watch this video to know how to work on our  YouTube channel FUN FUNDS



UPDATE AS ON 15/03/2020
I have earned $333 & withdrawn $330 till now.

Withdraw you're earnings by Paypal, Skrill, Payoneer, Tango cards Amazon, Walmart & iTunes or prepaid Mastercard & Visa Debit card.


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Enjoy Earning Online

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