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The ultimate guide to Fun Funds

The ultimate guide to fun funds

Fun Funds is a specific amount of money that you keep extra to spend on fun activities such as travel to your dream destination or for entertainment purposes.

You don't have to be rich to have fun.

You can have fun with limited funds by properly budgeting your funds. 

You can have fun funds by saving, controlling expenditures, investing some money regularly, taking financial insurance to reduce unexpected risks and above all earning extra money. 

Fun funds are a great way to enjoy life without breaking the bank. 

Whether you want to go on a weekend gateway or just spend some extra money, setting aside fun funds can help you do that.


Here are some tips on making the most of your fun funds and enjoying life to the fullest. 

1 Saving.

The saying is easier than doing it. 

From my childhood, I was been taught to save some amount from my limited pocket money. 

Although I was not good enough at savings. I still used to save since my mother unexpectedly asked for a loan from me by giving me interest on the money she used to take from me. 

Later I came to know that she was deliberately doing it to increase my habit of savings. She used to keep extra money in kitchen utensils, and religious books, inside the pillow...

The same habits I have seen in my wife. Whensoever I needed extra money for my business she has given me many times of course for huge interest along with a loan amount. 

Here I would like to say that this was the situation when they were getting a fixed amount for home expenses. 

This shows that if you are keen to save some money you can save it. 

Put aside some extra money in safe places at your home and forget it. Don't use this money until and unless it's not very urgent.   

2 Controlling Expenditure

We have a lot of desires that lead to expenses. 

Every household contains around 50-60% of items that are useless or just a showpiece. 

If you will see in your almirah you will find that there are so many clothes that you might not use often.

Our basic needs are very limited such as food, a few clothes and a small home or an apartment. 

Rest all are luxury for convenience or status symbol. 

Distinguish between needs and desires and I'm sure you will be able to control your expenses. 

3 Investing Money

Timely investments are necessary to grow your money as well as for unexpected and unpleasant situations in life. 

Investing money can also secure your retirement life moreover you can consider early retirement.

A recurring deposit scheme in a bank or post office in India is the better option for investing a little bit every month. 

You can also invest a small amount at regular intervals in mutual funds.  

You can seek advice from your financial adviser or you can contact me for investment.

Secure your Future

4 Taking Financial Insurance.

Life insurance has been provided by many known and established companies. 

Nowadays they are also providing different schemes where you can save, invest and secure your life.

You can also contact me for my best advice for a suitable scheme for you.

5 Earn Extra Money.

In this era of the Internet, there are a lot of opportunities online. 

You can work part-time in your free time or full-time to earn money online.


Read my blog pages to understand the ways to earn money online. You can also contact me for personal guidance.   


By adopting these things in your life you can make fun funds that you can spend for your goal of leisure in your life and treat yourself. 


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