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Write articles to earn money online

Write and earn money online

We are proud of Lord Brahma, Lord Ganesha, Vaid Vyas, Kalidas, Valmiki, Kabir Das, Chanakya, Munshi Premchand, Sarojini Naidu and many more for giving us Ved and Puran, Ramayan, Mahabharat, Bhagwat Geeta and philosophy of life.

With all due respect for the writers, you will agree that once upon a time when the writers were recognised after a long struggle or after a long time of their work, Poets were admired only in Kavi Samelan and few were able to get respected.

Now in the era of the internet, a lot of things changed and writers are very much in demand.

What should I write?

Which topic a writer should write an article on?

You can write on almost everything you have a deep knowledge maybe on automobiles, movies, music, current affairs, general knowledge, healthcare...
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You can write about your life experiences, travelling experiences, household experiences, parenting experiences, and job experiences...

You can write fiction, poems, short stories, and success stories...
Write your tales to earn money online
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Where a writer can earn money online?

1 Freelancing sites

Make an effective profile on a freelancing site like Fiverr showing your previous work, and search for those who may require your services. 

You may also offer services for writing email campaigns or newsletters to companies.  

Promote your profile on social media for the ready reference to the seeker of a content writer. 

2 Social Media Sites 

You can find a lot of bloggers, and website makers on social media sites like Facebook searching for content writers you can discuss with them on Messenger their requirements and your price for the work.

You can also create your own Facebook page. Create content to increase followers. Monetize your Facebook Page.

3 Write Ebooks 

You can self-publish your ebook on Amazon in just 5 minutes after signing up on Amazon.

Earn 70% royalty on sales to millions of customers on Amazon throughout the world.

You can set up your own price for your book and make a change to your books anytime.

Sqribble ebook creator
Powerful eBook creator studio

4 Create your Website 

Creating a website is very easy 

It just requires three primary things in spending a very small amount, which can be recovered by monetizing your website.

a) Hosting

It helps to store and view your website on the internet. Few companies are providing these services. I recommend the fast-speed, reliable hosting site Miles Web which provides 24/7 support in case of any problem. 

b) Domain

A domain is an address of your website to trace your website on the internet.  

You can keep your name as your domain name or you can choose a name that you think is appropriate for your site for example if you are writing on the lifestyle you can select stylish life or something like that from the available domain.

For creating a website you have to purchase a domain name. It's better to purchase from a hosting provider to avoid DNS problems. 

c) A site-building platform 

WordPress is the best site-building platform. You can install it free of cost with just one click from the control panel of the hosting provider. 

On the WordPress site, you can easily create your website by selecting a theme and later on, you can customize it according to your wish.


You can create a website at a nominal cost that you can recover by monetizing your website. 

Thus you can create and publish all your articles without any expense, on the contrary, you can earn money online from your website.

Know more

Believe in yourself, have faith in your calibre, and utilise your capability of creating excellent articles to create your earning sources online.
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