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Ways to earn enjoyment

Forgotten pleasure in life 

Let's do silly things

Sit on your toilet seat.

Think of memorable moments of life

Know yourself first.

Know your passion

Plan to switch to your passion

Forget all worries of the past and difficulties that may arise in future.


Enjoyment (Fun)

Everyone has their own definition of enjoyment.

Some may enjoy sleeping like me-- hahaha

Some may enjoy praying or listening to spiritual Gurus as my wife does.

Some may enjoy playing games indoors, outdoors or online.

Some may enjoy doing their hobbies like cooking, photography, singing, dancing, painting, reading, getting gifts...

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The fact is in whatever way you get enjoyment it may not be enjoyable for others.

Hence let's analyse what enjoyment is.

If you will search on Google you will find these two

Enjoyment is the action of possessing and benefiting from something

The state or process of taking pleasure in something.

I will say whatever you do if you are satisfied and you don't feel tired repeating the act again and again rather you get involved in it and feel a state of pleasure in doing the act is enjoyment or fun for you.

Earn (Funds)

Funds normally are assumed as money but it's not just monetary. 

Funds may be of good karma which goes with us as per our culture to decide our fate in the next birth or to get rid of the cycle of birth and death.

Funds may be good health as it is been said health is wealth and a healthy body enjoys doing whatever it wants or desires to fulfil. 

Funds are knowledge which we gain by reading, experiences, even failures, observing others, doing our job, visiting different places in life, while travelling, from our mother (our first guru), friends, relatives...

Rather I can say we can learn from everyone if we are keen on gaining knowledge.

Funds are the pleasurable moments of life and also the failures that have taught us some lessons.

Hence you gain Fun Funds.

Ways to earn enjoyment.

From the above brief, you might have understood the ways to earn enjoyment I just sum up to make it clear.

1 Do what you want  

Don't do anything you don't want to do under the pressure of your parents, society or just for chasing others for the sake of competition. 

Here I would also like to add that there are certain rules of society please don't cross the limit so that your enjoyment becomes a headache for society or others. 

2 Remain healthy

A healthy body with a healthy mind will definitely make you earn enjoyment. Keeping yourself fit not only physically but also mentally fitness will enable you to gain more enjoyment in life.

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3 Financial Freedom

Yes, you heard correctly, financial freedom is also one of the most important factors in earning enjoyment

Make free yourself from debt. It's not bad to sell some unnecessary items in your household or in your possession to clear your debt.

Limit your expenditure only to the necessary items like food and shelter, don't purchase anything just for you want it, purchase only if you need it.

Follow the rule of simple living high thinking.

Find some different resources to earn money online or offline for your passion. 

You will get pleasure in earning money as well as fulfilling your dream. 

Finally, I don't want to dictate my theories nor do I want you to take steps as I have taken in my life, you are a better judge of your life but one thing I will definitely say is that the accumulation of fun is equally important as the shaving of funds.

This is also one of the reasons I named this site Fun Funds.

Please go through other pages to get some other unique ideas.      



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